Defender Imports is a Colorado-based business that specializes in the importation and restoration of classic Land Rover Defenders.  As Land Rover enthusiasts, we understand customer needs because we have experienced the highs and lows of buying, selling, modifying and driving classic Land Rovers for over 15 years.  Focused on rugged aesthetics and rooted in our love for classic Land Rovers, we embody the adventure and spirit of these iconic vehicles because we know that owning a Defender isn’t just an experience, it’s a lifestyle.

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We uphold a reputation of excellence. Attention to detail, quality service and a professional customer experience are the cornerstones of our business. We have a network of established contacts and logistical services throughout the US and Europe that we use to procure and restore quality Defenders. Our working partnerships within the 4×4 and performance automotive industries also provide a wealth of experience that gives our customers an exceptional level of predictability and confidence in our products and services. Importing and restoring Defenders is difficult and time consuming, we take the stress out of the process.


Our list of Services

Our network of contacts, agencies and brokers throughout the US and Europe ensure that our importation process is smooth from start to finish.  We’re familiar with US and European shipping operations and we maintain oversight with daily updates on the movement of our vehicles from point of departure in Europe to point of arrival in Colorado.  Our understanding of the customs and import process also minimizes importation costs and administrative issues for our customers.

After a vehicle arrives at our shop, it’s thoroughly serviced and restored by professional mechanics and technicians. We have in-house restoration, fabrication, paint & body and mechanical service capabilities.  In the event we can’t accomplish something in-house, we also work with a number of Land Rover and specialty automotive shops in South Eastern Colorado.  Colorado Springs has a robust 4×4, performance and custom automotive community that affords us the opportunity to provide endless custom restoration options.  Do you already own a Defender that you would like to restore?  Give us a call to discuss custom build plans where your input throughout the process makes the vehicle uniquely yours.

Have a Defender you want to sell? Our commission-based sales program offers several customizable features that make selling your vehicle easy. Managing the process from start to finish, we go the extra mile to provide a professional experience that ensures top dollar for the sale of your vehicle. Whether you’re located in Colorado or around the world, give us a call to see how we can help sell your Defender.

defender history

history of defenders in the us


Manufacturing Began in the UK

Production of the Land Rover 90 and 110 begins.


The Defender earns its name

After the introduction of the Land Rover Discovery in 1989, the Defender name was given to the Land Rover 90 and 110 to distinguish them from other Land Rover models.


The first year Defenders were imported into the US

Less than 7,000 were officially imported into the US for a short time in the mid-1990s and the difficulty of importing quality Defenders into the US has added to the rarity and demand of these unique 4x4 vehicles.


Land Rover Stops US Imports

In 1998, Land Rover stopped importing Defenders into the US because they no longer complied with updated emissions and crash-safety standards.  Since then, a limited number of Defenders have been imported into the US, but legally imported Defenders must be at least 25 years old and must meet a stringent list of requirements set by the US government.  These requirements have further limited the number of eligible Defenders for importation into the US, and due to the age of these trucks, most require a substantial amount of service and restoration.


Importing and restoring Defenders

Defender Imports is actively importing and restoring classic Land Rover Defenders in the US.

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